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I started my career in sales at the Age of 18.
Working for one of Germany´s market leaders in private customer insurance- and wealth advice I learned the Art of Sales, Solution-Selling and sustainable Customer-Service “from scratch”.

I successfully built this agency in my small hometown – the office still exists being managed by my partners caring for more than 3000 customers.

Part of the business-model was the acquisition of new customers through new partners and sales people.

A learning-process of the highest value when it comes to terms of sales-team-leadership as I have gone through every sales-experience myself, customer-related as well as team-management related.

It makes a difference when your sales-force is being led by someone who knows every trick – in every sense.

My studies in Marketing-Communications and business administration led to roles in marketing and product management for the Royal Bank of Scotland group in the consumer finance sector with significant responsibilities for revenue, income and profit (EBITDA) for the managed products.

In addition to my MBA in international management, this experience is the practical knowledge-foundation for my ability to translate your strategic business decisions made within Finance, Marketing and Product-Management into sales action and into authentic and result-driven Sales-Team Management.

In my early thirties I again concentrated on Sales, building up a completely new market for the Ikano Bank which had decided to enter the German Consumer Finance market outside the IKEA Business.

During this time, I was responsible for the Sales Region Germany West and processed about 2.500 sales-pitches in personal one-to-one talks.

In my late thirties I took over a sales-director position for the German market leader in managed-services and hosting solutions, PlusServer, managing a team of sales-people, new-business marketing consultants and back office managers being responsible for approx. 30m € of revenue.

This experience included managing multi-level challenges of a private-equity driven company within a changing market shortly after being sold and the following processing of a competitor-acquisition-strategy.

This role included income responsibility, active customer-protection and retention management, sales-team assessments and reorganization, sales-team-coaching, revenue-securing, trouble-management and de-escalation talks with A-Customers as well as the processing of strategic decisions made by a private-equity management team aiming for short investment-circles.
By hiring me, you will get a highly capable and professional interim manager, who is able to transform your individual strategic business goals into practical tactics and result-driven action.

´CHANGE is based on MOMENTUM

By the time everything is said, done and implemented, the interim-model gives you the ability to easily bring in new views and approaches by simply hiring a different professional as nothing is more frustrating than managers on your payrole clinging to their titles and your money!


Sebastian A. Grothe

Email: info[at]
Direct: +49 (0) 170 83 84 939

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